Ecology, Biogeography & Conservation Article
by Olaf Pronk, Centre Soafiavy

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The Eastern coastal zone is a strip of 50-125 kilometers wide, ranging from sealevel to 800 meters altitude. It is an area of heavy rainfall and a hot and humid climate. There is no clearly defined dry season and it may rain any time of the year. Mean "winter" maxima are about 10 degrees Fahrenheit lower than mean "summer" maxima. Mean annual relative humidity is 80-85%. (insert excel table 1, Tamatave here)


The Central Highlands are a plateau with mountain massifs, ranging from 800 meters to 2885 meters. It is an area with distinct wet and dry seasons. Temperatures during the wet season are considerably higher than during the dry season. Morning frosts only occur at the highest peaks. The table takes no account of altitudes greater than 1400 meters. Humidity is high at night and early morning but decreases during the day. (insert excel table 2 Antananarivo here)

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