Bradypodion dracomontanum
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Bradypodion dracomontanum

Drakensberg Dwarf Chameleon none
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Raw 1976 Small Live

B. dracomontanum is found among the green forests, montane meadows and high savannas in the southern and central Drakensberg regions of KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa at elevations of 4500-7500 ft. Fine, granular scales are distributed on the sides with a few conical scales. The casque is medium-sized, bent backwards with remarkable cranial crests. The gular crest consists of 10-18 square skin flaps. The dorsal crest consists of 39-49 small, conical scales and continues to the tail, which is longer than the SVL of the animal. Total length is about six inches and SVL is less than 3 inches. Males display a green-bluish coloration with some white tubercles, as well as light yellow spots at the throat and abdomen. Female coloration is unremarkable, mostly green and brown with some white spots.

Care and Breeding: Individual housing in well ventilated cages only. Minimum cage size is 20x20x25 inches for a single animal. Outdoor setups from May till September in moderate climate zones (e.g. Europe) strongly recommended. Day temperatures should be in the mid to high seventies with night time drops to as low as 50ºF, even lower in winter. In its natural habitat, B. dracomontanum is exposed to temperatures as low as 30ºF. The night drop is essential for the animal's well being Lighting, hydration, feeding and supplementation needs are identical to those for B. damaranum

Breeding: Ovoviviparous with a gestation time of about 5-6 months. Litter size is typically 8-12 babies with one litter per year. Best raised individually, as B. damaranum, maybe at even lower temps. Life span: 3-5 years.

Contributed by Juergen Pietschmann. Translated by Stefan Dangel

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Bradypodion dracomontanum
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