Bradypodion fischeri multituberculatum
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Bradypodion fischeri multituberculatum

Fischer's Chameleon, Usambara Two-Horned Chameleon see a species list of Bradypodion Nieden 1913 Medium Eggs

B. f. multituberculatum: The rostral process is wider at the base and has a rounded tip. The upper rim has a serrated appearance and the dorsal crest has pronounced tubercular scales, decreasing in size caudally. Females have small, round horn buds and pronounced scales on the on the dorsum that extend to the middle of the body. B. f. multituberculatum is endemic to the eastern Usambara Mountains of Tanzania and has been reported to have higher hydration requirements than some other subspecies. They are smaller than the nominate form. 

Contributed by S. James and E. Pollak

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