Bradypodion tenue
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Bradypodion tenue

Usambara Soft-horned Chameleon Chamaeleo tenuis.
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Matschie 1892 Small Eggs

B. Tenue is a rainforest dweller restricted to the Shimba hills in Kenya and the Usambara Mts in Tanzania, where it can be found in altitudes up to 1000 meters (Broadley & Howell, 1991). The area is cool and damp with an annual rainfall of over 2000 mm. There is a minor rainy season from mid-November to the beginning of January. The main rainy season is from March to May, followed by a dry-season from June to October

Captive Care: Should probably be kept like species such as Bradypodion fischeri, Chamaeleo deremensis and Bradypodion spinosum as it is found in the same area as these species.

The colors of B.tenue consist of brown and grey. The maximum size is about 6 inches (15 cm) in total length. Virtually nothing is known about its captive husbandry although it should probably be treated similarly to other species of the region such as C. deremensis.

Contributed by Bo Ikkala

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B. tenue female B. tenue male B. tenue female B. tenue male
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