Brookesia thieli

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Brookesia thieli

Thiel's Pygmy Chameleon Brookesia antoetrae
see a species list of Brookesia
Brygoo & Domergue 1969 Small Eggs

B. thieli is a timid chameleon, locally abundant in the rain forest floor of eastern Madagascar. Females grow to 4 inches. Males are slightly smaller. Two triangular plates above the eyes project from a flattened head with a low casque. Two small horns project from the snout, half way between the eyes and rostrum. A row of thorns is apparent on each side of the backbone from the tail to the pelvis. Coloration is primarily gray, yellow-brown and brown. Males exhibit a hemipenial bulge (i.e., swollen tail base) and have tails that are slightly longer than their bodies. Little is known about their captive care but they are oviparous, lay 2 eggs per clutch and typically lay 2 clutches per year. Sexually maturity is reached at approximately 5 months.

Contributed by E. Pollak

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