Calumma boettgeri

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Calumma boettgeri

Boettger's Chameleon Chamaeleon boettgeri, Chamaeleo macrorhinus, Chamaeleon boettgeri
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Boulenger 1888 Small Eggs

Growing to a length of only 5 inches, Boettger's chameleon is one of the smallest of the true chameleons (subfamily Chamaeleonidae) and a member of the Calumma nasuta complex. Indigenous to Nosy Be Island and northern Madagascar, they inhabit bushes and trees of the forest fringe. The flattened head has only a rudimentary casque. It may be distinguished from C. nasuta by its better developed, fused occipital lobes and by the minimal dorsal crest. The rostral process is a laterally compressed extension of the canthi rostralis. Basic body coloration ranges from brown to brownish-green to brownish yellow. The head and rostral process may possess exquisite blue spots.

Cage temperatures should mimic those of the wild with daily highs varying between the mid 70s and 80sºF with a drop of 10-15ºF recommended. Cages should be well planted to help maintain a high humidity of 70-80% for at least part of the day. Daily misting is important. Interspecific aggression is well developed an single caging should be employed.

Oviposition of 4-5 eggs occurs approximately 45 days after mating and hatching occurs approximately 90 days later with incubation at 71-75ºF. Sexual maturity occurs at approximately 9 months of age.

Contributed by E. Pollak

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