Calumma fallax

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Calumma fallax


Chamaeleon fallax, Chamaeleo fallax.

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Mocquard 1900 Small Eggs

A small chameleon of the nasuta complex. C. fallax inhabits the forests of the central plateau and eastern Madagascar.  Males grow to a total length of 4.5 inches.  Females are slightly smaller.  Males possess a short, rounded rostral appendage. The casque is elevated posteriorly and possesses a rudimentary parietal rest that is absent in the female.  Occipital lobes are absent. Basic body coloration consists of cream, browns, and greens with darker bands sometimes radiating from eyes. Gular and ventral crests are absent but there is a rudimentary dorsal crest.  Scalation is moderately heterogeneous.  

Contributed by E. Pollak



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Calumma fallax
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