Calumma globifer

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Calumma globifer

none Chamaeleon globifer, Chamaeleo globifer
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Guenther 1879 Medium Eggs

Calumma globifer is a medium sized species from eastern Madagascar. Total length rarely exceeds 14-15 inches. An arboreal species, it inhabits the trees and shrubs of the rainforest edge at elevations of 700-1,300 meters. The casque is large and low and bears well developed, occipital lobes. There is a pair of small, knob-like rostral processes in males that is formed by the merging of the canthi rostrales. In females, these processes are much reduced. The sexes may also be distinguished by the male's slightly broader tail base. A small dorsal crest of slightly enlarged, conical scales is present. Gular and ventral crests are absent. Body scalation is homogeneous. Basic coloration includes various shades of green, and yellow green. In relaxed coloration there is often a cream colored horizontal stripe along the flanks. In stress coloration this stripe may darken to black. Within this basic coloration subtle highlights of brown or even red may appear as thin striations on the interstitial skin.

C. globifer requires high humidity and good air circulation. They are said to be shy and relatively non-aggressive toward each other. Pairs have been kept in large cages but males should not be housed together. Care should be taken to allow the cage and especially the climbing branches to dry thoroughly. Basking temperatures should be low, not to exceed 80 F with a night time drop of 10-15ºF. Females lay approximately 25 eggs but little else is known concerning their reproduction.

Contributed by E. Pollak

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