Chamaeleo (Trioceros) affinis
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Chamaeleo (Trioceros) affinis

Ethiopian Mountain Chameleon Chamaeleon abyssinicus, Chamaeleon affinis
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Ruppell 1845 Small Live

A small chameleon of the Ethiopian plateau, C. affinis grows to slightly over 7 inches. The casque is poorly developed. A small dorsal crest of enlarged conical scales continues from the cervical region through the rostral part of the tail. The gular crest is a unique arrangement of two parallel rows of enlarged, soft scales. A small ventral crest of enlarged white scales is present. Scalation is largely homogeneous. Basic body coloration ranges from very light to very dark greens often with white and rust-colored markings, especially in females and in the more excited states. Yellows and blues may also be present. Males are more robust in form and have a hemipenal bulge.

Temperatures in its home range vary from highs of 85ºF to lows of 32ºF but more commonly between 15 and 75ºF. C. affinis is often erroneously thought of as a resident of an arid habitat. However, humidity is typically near or above 50% and often much higher. C. affinis inhabits dense stands of grasses, bushes and low trees. The density of the vegetation permits relatively large populations to live in an area.

This species prefers flying insects to crickets and has stringent hydration requirements. Both misting and dripping are recommended. They have rarely been kept in captivity and the details of their husbandry remains sketchy. Twelve- 19 live young are typically born. Lifespan in captivity may be as long as 5 years.

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Chamaeleo Trioceros affinis Chamaeleo Trioceros affinis
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