Chamaeleo (Chamaeleo) africanus

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Chamaeleo (Chamaeleo) africanus

African Chameleon Chamaeleo mexicanus, Chamaeleo candidus, Chamaeleo aegiptius, Chamaeleo calcaratus, Chamaeleo basiliscus, Chamaeleon basiliscus, Chamaeleon basilicus
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Laurenti 1768 Medium Eggs

Widely and abundantly distributed across Sub-Saharan (including western Nigeria and Cameroon) and north Africa as well as the horn of Africa. There is also a small, introduced, population in southern Greece. Endemic to the dry forests and savannahs, C. africanus reaches total length od 12=16 inches. Thy are reported to be moderately aggressive toward conspecifics but relatively docile toward keepers. . 

General Characteristics: Similar to C. chamaeleon but with a higher and more pointed casque. Occipital lobes are not developed. Relatively low ventral, dorsal and gular crests are formed by conical scales. Often confused with C. calcaricarens, formerly considered a subspecies of C. africanus. However, males of C. africanus possess a tarsal spur but males of C. calcaricarens do not. The basic color is green but may be gray or yellow. Two thin, horizontal bands of variably-colored but often yellow) markings along the flanks. Females of both subspecies lack spurs. Males have a broader tail base. Eggs: Up to 70 eggs are laid in a single clutch with one clutch per year being typical. Sexual maturity is reached 12-16 months

Contributed by E. Pollak

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Chamaeleo (Chamaeleo) africanus
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