Chamaeleo (Trioceros) incornutus
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Chamaeleo (Trioceros) incornutus

none Chamaeleon incornutus
see a species list of Chamaeleo
Loveridge 1932 Small Live

C. incornutus is a small to medium sized chameleon, growing to less than 8 inches. It inhabits bushes in montane rainforests of the Ukinge, Ubena, Rungwe and Poroto Mountain ranges of Tanzania. The casque bears large occipital lobes and a low dorsal crest is present. The dorsal crest is composed of relatively widely spaced, highly modified conical scales. Basic body coloration is a lichen-colored green with three large, irregular dark brown blotches both above and below an irregular green stripe running from the head to the tail in the dorsal portion of the flanks.

C. incornutus is ovoviviparous although Necas (1999) erroneously lists it as oviparous. Other than it's mode of parity, little is known concerning the captive husbandry of this species.

Contributed by E. Pollak.

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