Chamaeleo (Chamaeleo) laevigatus
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Chamaeleo (Chamaeleo) laevigatus

none Chamaeleon sphaeropholis, Chamaeleon senegalensis laevigatus, Chamaeleon lavigatus, Chamaeleo laeviceps, Chamaeleon senegalensis tibatiensis, Chamaeleo senegalensis laevigatus
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Distribution. C. laevigatus inhabits the savannas in east Africa from the Sudan to Rwanda. Population status is unknown.

Description This chameleon looks very similar to C. senegalensis of which it was considered a subspecies (Perrett, 1957). But in 1986 it was given species status by Klaver and Boehme. The coloration varies from light green to blue, with a white stripe running from the mouth to the tailbase. It reaches a total lenght of 8 inches (20 cm). Males of C. laevigatus lack tarsal spurs.

Captive Care. Captive husbandry should be similar to that for C. senegalensis, as they come from similar habitats. The enclosure for one animal should be 8Lx20Wx24H inches (40x50x60 cm). The female and male should be kept apart except for mating. Daytime temperatures should be around 86ºF (30ºC) a 10ºF drop at night

Feeding. Typical chameleon prey items of the appropriate size are accepted.

Breeding. The male's courtship is like all other chameleons. After a 50 day gestation the female deposits about 50 eggs. The eggs should be incubated at 82-86ºF (28-30ºC) with a temperature drop at night of approximately 8 F. Hatching occurs after 4-5 months.

Contributed by Bo Ikkala

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Chamaeleo (Chamaeleo) laevigatus Chamaeleo (Chamaeleo) laevigatus

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