Calumma nasuta

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Calumma nasuta

Nosy Chameleon Chameleon nasutus, Chamaeleo radamanus
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Dumeril & Bibron 1824 Small Eggs

Distribution: C. nasuta lives among the leaves of the rainforests in East Madagascar and Nosy Boraha (St. Marie). It was banned from export by CITES in 1995.

Description: It is a very small species that only reaches a total length of 8 inches (10 cm). Nasuta does not possess any occipital lobes or crests. The most obvious descriptive feature is a small, flexible rostral process only a few millimeters long. The colors include a dirty green, yellow, brown, and grey.

Climate: As nasuta lives in the rainforests, the climate is very humid. The temperatures vary throughout the year between 71-82ºF (22- 28 C). The humidity is between 70 and 100%.

Captive Care: C. nasuta is very calm and not particularly shy. It is possible to keep a pair in a single terrarium with a size of around 16Lx16Wx24 inch (40x40x60 cm). The daytime temperatures should be around 75-77ºF (24-25ºC) in the summer and around 68 F (20 C) in the winter. This species requires high humidity.

Food: Food of appropriate size, will be accepted

Breeding: Breeding almost invariably occurs in the early morning hours. The male's courtship is similar to that of all other chameleons. After a 40 day gestation the female deposits 2-4 eggs which she hides under leaves in the same manner as Brookesia or Rhampholeon. The eggs should be incubated at room temperature and typically hatch after 90 days although incubation times as short as 2 months have been reported (F. LeBerre, personal communication).

Contributed by Bo Ikkala

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