Calumma parsonii cristifer

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Calumma parsonii cristifer

Parson's Chameleon Chaeleon parsonsi, Chamaeleo parsonii, Chamaeleo parsoni crucifer
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Cuvier Methuen & Hewitt Large Eggs

Restricted to the area around Perinet (Andasibe), Madagascar, C. parsonii cristifer differs from the nominate form, C. parsonii parsonii in that cristifer posseses a small dorsal crest over the anterior 2/3 of the body and is generally smaller. Males reach a total length of 19 inches (SVL to 10.5 inches) while females have total and SV lengths of 16 and 9 inches, respectively. Where C. p. parsonii lacks a parietal crest, C. p. cristifer possesses a poorly developed parietal crest.

Habitat and husbandry are similar to that for the nominate form (q.v.)

Contributed by E. Pollak

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