Furcifer bifidus

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Furcifer bifidus


Chamaeleo bifidus, Chamaeleo bifurcus (ex errore), Diceros bifurcatus, Chamaeleo brongniartii, Dicranosaura bifurca var. crassicornis, Chamaeleon bifidus, Dicranosaura bifurca var. crassirostris (ex errore).
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Brongniart 1800 medium eggs

A medium-sized chameleon from the coastal rainforests of eastern and northeastern Madagascar, F. bifidus reaches total lengths of as much as 15-17 inches.  It is one of the larger species of the bifidus group which includes  F. minor, F. balteatus, F. wilsii, and F. petteri.  Female bifidus lack the paired, pointed, spatulate rostral processes of the male. These processes are extensions of the canthi rostralis.  The casque is flattened and lacks occipital lobes. Basic body coloration is green but may vary to browns and grays. A white line is often apparent on the ventral surface of the tail.  Females tend to be a  lighter green and may also exhibit an orange or even a red coloration with blue scales scattered over the head.  There is a low dorsal crest but gular and ventral crests are absent.  This is an oviparous species but little else is known concerning its reproduction and captive husbandry.  


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Furcifer bifidus Furcifer bifidus
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