Furcifer labordi

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Furcifer labordi

Labord's Chameleon Chamaeleo labordi, Chamaeleon labordi, Chamaeleo barbouri, Chamaeleo rhinoceratus labordi.
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Grandidier 1872 Medium Eggs

F. labordi is endemic to the warm coastal areas of western Madagascar. While there is a pronounced rainy season, humidity is quite high throughout the year. It's preferred habitat includes small trees and thickets of thorny bushes.

F. labordi is similar in appearance to F. antimena, F. angeli, and F. rhinoceratus (of which it was once thought to be a subspecies). Females lack the high casque of the male and sport only a small rostral process compared to the large, laterally compressed rostral process of the male. A dorsal crest of conical scales is apparent but gular and ventral crests are absent. Scalation is primarily homogeneous with a few enlarged scales randomly distributed on the flanks. Males are primarily green with a lighter, broken line along the flanks. Diagonal bands of light green or gray sometimes adorn the sides. Female show more brown, blue and purplish highlights on her green body and and bilateral oval spots of red to violet just behind the head. Diagonal striping is similar to that of the male but may be more intense. Both sexes darken under conditions of stress.

F. labordi is extremely shy toward keepers and should be maintained in large cages with dense plantings. Basking temperatures of up to 87ºF should be provided with cooler parts of the cage being in the low to mid 70s. Night time temperatures of approximately 65ºF are desirable. Frequent mistings are required to maintain a high humidity and to provide water droplets which are licked from leaves. Females lay approximately 8 eggs which hatch after 10 months when incubated at 83-4ºF.

Contributed by E. Pollak

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