Furcifer nicosiai
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Furcifer nicosiai

Jesu, Mattioli & Schimmenti
1999 large eggs

F. nicosiai is a newly described species from the Antsingy forest in western Madagascar. It was found to inhabit dense subhumid forest, dense dry forest with xerophytic vegetation atop sharp limestone blocks, clearings covered with Pederia creepers and forest edges. It occurs sympatrically with Furcifer oustaleti.

"Furcifer nicosiai is a large species which can be ascribed to the Furcifer verrucosus group for the presence of a high parietal crest and the absence of rostral appendages. Other features include: separated canthi rostrales, poorly developed but evident gular crest, markedly acute rostral profile, complete ventral crest and poorly developed dorsal crest extending from the nuchal region to the tail. The external morphology and the sexual dimorphism make this new taxon very similar to Furcifer verrucosus, from which it can be distinguished by: smaller size, different colour patterns and hemipenis ornamentation." (Jesu, R., Mattioli, F., and  Schimmenti, G. 1999, p 1)

Jesu, R., Mattioli, F., and  Schimmenti, G. 1999. On the discovery of a new large chameleon inhabiting the limestone outcrops of western Madagascar:  sp. nov. (Reptilia, Chamaeleonidae). Doriana 7 (311): 1-14.
Wilms, T. 2000. Vier neue Chamäleonarten entdeckt! - Draco, Münster, 1(1): 80-81.

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