Taxonomy Article
Furcifer Species List
by Lynn R. G. Raw

Compiled by Lynn Raw 23 July 2001, last updated 26 October 2001

Furcifer Fitzinger, 1843 - Malagasy Chameleons

angeli Brygoo & Domergue, 1968
antimena Grandidier, 1872
balteatus Dumeril & Bibron, 1851 (In Dumeril & Dumeril, 1851)
belalandaensis Brygoo & Domergue, 1970
bifidus Brongniart, 1800
campani Grandidier, 1872
cephalolepis Guenther, 1880
labordi Grandidier, 1872
lateralis Gray, 1831
minor Günther, 1879
monoceras Boettger, 1913
nicosiai Jesu, Mattioli and Schimmenti, 1999*
oustaleti Mocquard, 1894
pardalis Cuvier, 1829
petteri Brygoo & Domergue, 1966
polleni Peters, 1873
rhinoceratus Gray, 1845
tuzetae Brygoo, Bourgat & Domergue, 1972
verrucosus verrucosus Cuvier, 1829
verrucosus semicristatus Boettger, 1894
willsii Guenther, 1890

The above list follows Klaver & Boehme, 1997 which should be consulted for the relevant synonomies.

* Denotes a new species described since 1997.

Note: Taxonomy is not static. As new discoveries are made, new species are added or sometimes a species is found to be the same as another previously described species and is then synonymised with that species. This happened with Brookesia betsileana Ahl which was later found to be identical to Brookesia nasus nasus Boulenger. The present list may already be out of date.

Please advise Lynn Raw of any errors, omissions or new developments.

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