Rhampholeon temporalis
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Rhampholeon temporalis

none Chamaeleon (Brookesia) temporalis, Chamaeleom temporalis, Brookesia temporalis.
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Matschie 1892 Small Eggs

Rhampholeon temporalis is a pygmy chameleon known only from the evergreen forests of the Usambara Mountains of Tanzania at elevations of 1200 meters and higher. It's populations are threatened by loss of habitat. They are found in the leaf litter and grasses of the rain forest floor. Basic body coloration consists of grays and browns with 2-3 diagonal stripes along the flanks. Less than 4 inches in total length, virtually nothing is known of their husbandry although although they should probably be treated similarly to other Rhampholeon and Brookesia species.

Contributed by E. Pollak

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Rhampholeon temporalis Rhampholeon temporalis

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