Rhampholeon uluguruensis
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Rhampholeon uluguruensis

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Tilbury & Emmrich 1996 Small Eggs

This recently discovered species is known only from the Uluguru Mountains of the Morogoro District of Tanzania where it inhabits the forest floor.  This is a short-tailed, leaf-shaped chameleon that does not exceed 4 inches in total length.  R. uuguruensis is quite variable in color and can be anything from a bright orange, to a beige, brown, very dark brown, black (when cold and stressed), as well as almost completely gray. The variation both within and between individuals is considerable. Both males and females exhibit blue eye turrets.

Females have been reported to lay between 7 and 15 eggs. Males are extremely amorous and territorial so that separate housing is important. This is one of the growing number of species known to emit an infrasonic buzzing when disturbed. For more information on this phenomenon see http://www.adcham.com/html/taxonomy/species/chcalyptratus.html.

Contributed by E. Pollak & Trevor Dell

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