Books & Journals
Dealing Primarily with Chameleons
Compiled by Leann Christenson and Lynda Horgan
Books & Journals Dealing Primarily with Chameleons
Anderson, R. 1990.
A Step-By-Step Book About Chameleons. T.F.H. Publications

Bartlett, R. D. and Bartlett, P. 1995.
Chameleons: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual. Barron's Educations Series, Hauppuage, NY

Darling, K. and Darling, T. 1997
Chameleons: On Location. Lothrop, Lee and Shepard

Davison, Linda J. 1997.
Chameleons: Their Care and Breeding. Hancock House Publishers, Blaine, WA.

De Vosjoli, P. 1997.
True Chameleons: Husbandry. The Herpetocultural Library

De Vosjoli, P. 1997.
General Care and Maintenance of True Chameleons: Part 2, Notes of Popular Species, Disease and Disorders. BowTie Press

De Vosjoli, P. 1999.
Essential Care of Chameleons. Advanced Vivarium Systems.

De Vosjoli, P. 1999.
The Chameleon Manual. Bow Tie Press.
De Vosjoli, P. and Ferguson, G. 1995.
Care and Breeding of Chameleons. Advanced Vivarium Systems, Santee, CA. This book is also listed on some web sites as "Care and Breeding of Panther, Jackson;s Veiled, and Parson's Chameleons. The Chameleon Keeping Reference Series, Vol. I."

Glaw, F. and Vences, M.
A Field Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Madagascar. Moos Druck , Leverkusen and Farbo, Koln, Germany. Includes maps of locations and keys to identification of chameleons. This softcover book is available from Miguel Vences, Klosterstr. 124, 50931 Koln FR Germany

Henkel, F. –W. & SW. & Schmidt, W. 2000.
Amphibians and Reptiles of Madagascar, the Mascarenes, the Seychelles, and the Comoros Islands. Krieger Publishing Company

Le Berre, F. 1994.
The New Chameleon Handbook. Barron's Educational Series.

Le Berre, F., Bartlett, R. D., and Bartlett, P. 2000.
The Chameleon Handbook. Barron's Educational Series.

Martin, J., 1992.
Masters of Disguise: A Natural History of Chameleons. Facts On File, Inc., New York, NY.

Martin, J. 1991.
Chameleons: Dragons in the Trees. Crown Pub. (Excellent pictures & probably aimed at children)

Mellado, J., L. Gimenez, J.J. Gomez, y M. Sanjuan. (2001).
El camaleon en Andalucia. Distribucion actual y amenazas para su supervivencia. Fundacion Alcalde Zoilo Ruiz-Mateos. Rota, Cadiz. 147 p. (ISBN: 8487960-31-6).

Necas, P. 1999.
Chameleons: Nature's Hidden Jewels. Krieger Publishing Company, Malabar, FL.

Rogner, M and Hackworth, J. 1997.
Lizards : Husbandry and Reproduction in the Vivarium: Geckoes, Flap-Footed Lizards, Agamas, Chameleons, and Iguanas. Krieger.

Schmidt, W., Tamm, K. and Wallikewitz, E. 1994a.
Chameleons, Volume I: Species. T.F.H. Publications, Neptune City, NJ.

Schmidt, W., Tamm, K. and Wallikewitz, 1994b.
Chameleons, Volume II: Care and Breeding. T.F.H. Publications, Neptune City, NJ.

Schmidt, W., Tamm, K. & Wallikewitz, E. 1996.
Cham -Drachen unserer Zeit.  Herpetologischer Fachverlag, Muenster.
Schmidt, W., Tamm, K. and Wallikewitz, E. 1998.
Chameleons. Chelsea House.

Schnieper, C. and Meier, M (photographer). 1988.
Chameleons. Lerner Publishing Group.

Wager, V. A. 1983.
The Life of the Chameleon. Natal Branch of the Wildlife Society. Durban, SA.

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Important Articles and Monographs that Refer to Chameleons
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muscle in the chameleon tongue retractors. Journal of Experimental Biology, 204:3621-3627.

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Veterinary & General Herpetological Books of Interest
Ackerman, L. The Biology, Husbandry and Health Care of Reptiles.
Volume I - Biology of Reptiles
Volume II - Husbandry of Reptiles
Volume III - Health Care of Reptiles

Barnard, S. M. and Upton, S. 1994. A Veterinary Guide to the Parasites of Reptiles. Volume I – Protozoa. (Includes a section on laboratory procedures for collecting and examining various parasites and information on parasiticides used to treat protozoan infections. Available through Amazon for $26.50. ISBN 0894548322 Kreiger Publishing, Malabar, Florida.

Blood, D. C, & Virgina, P. Bailliere's Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary. Studdert.

Frye, F. Reptile Care: An Atlas of Diseases and Treatments. T.F.H. Publications, Neptune City, New Jersey.

Frye, F. L. 1995. Clinician's Handbook: A Compact Clinical and Surgical Reference. Krieger Publishing Company. Malabar, Florida.

Frye, F. 1991. Biomedical and Surgical Aspects of Captive Reptile Husbandry. Krieger Publishing Co. Malabar, Florida.

Pough, F. H., Cadle, J. E. and Andrews, R. M.  2000. Herpetology. Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, N.J. (Contains information on communication, locomotion, performance, foraging, etc. for many kinds of reptiles.)

Klingenberg, R. 1998. General Care and Maintenance of Understanding Reptile Parasites. BowTie Press.

Messonnier, S. P. 1996. Common Reptile Diseases and Treatment. Blackwell Science.

Mader, D. R. and Stein, G. (illustrator). 1995. Reptile Medicine and Surgery. Saunders W. B. Co.

Peters, J. A. 1964. Dictionary of Herpetology. Hafner Publishing Company.

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