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John Bohrman, USA
Herp Supplies

Ronnie Buck, USA
Australian Beardies-AB Herps

JC Carden, US

Bo Ikkala, Denmark

Ed and Liddy Kammer, USA
Kammerflage Kreations, Inc

Marc Kramer, DVM, USA


Bill Love, USA
Blue Chameleon Ventures


Duncan Macrae, Indonesia

Bali Reptile Park
Herpafauna Indonesia

Jim and Mari Nozaki, USA
Amazing Blue Reptiles

Steve O'Meara, USA
Jackson's Chameleon Information

Stephen O'Neal, USA
Natural State Chameleons

David Pickering, USA

Edward I. Pollak, USA

Lynn Raw, South Africa

Robert Sligh, USA
LDS Company

Janos Szantai, Hungary

Rob Trenor, USA
RK Reptiles

Jan Wilker (Binsen), Germany

Michael Wouters, Belgium

William C.G. Burns, Editor-in-Chief
Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy, USA

Chameleons! On-line e-Zine
Bi-monthly newsletter dedicated to Chameleons

Robert C. Drewes, Ph.D., USA
African Frogs

Peter Uetz, Germany
EMBL Reptile Database

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